offers highly qualified services in development and implementation of projects in the shortest possible terms using modern methods and technological solutions for the tasks being implemented.


increased efficiency, built-in quality control system, reduced material and labor intensity, increased productivity, flexibility, controllability, environmental friendliness, implementation of "lean production" methods.
Briefing and training

Briefing and training

Process design

Process design

Engineering design

Engineering design

Activity vector


  • Development of technological documentation in accordance with the requirements of IATF 16949 standards;
  • Technological design (planning solution with effective use of space when placing equipment and work stations), taking into account the organization of rhythmic production flow;
  • Development of a process flow charts; *Development of technological documentation ( Standart operation charts, Standart works charts, Workplace arrangement charts) taking into account the balancing of the operation execution time;
  • Selection of advanced equipment based on the industry 4.0 philosophy (conveyors, transport systems, welding conductors, measuring equipment, specialized welding equipment, with the possibility of integration into the MES production system);
  • Selection of mechanized tools and equipment;
  • Preparation of correct technical specifications for the design and manufacture of specialized equipment;
  • Calculation of the number of required production personnel taking into account balancing of the operation execution time;
  • Selection of basic and auxiliary materials, taking into account the improvement of quality and reduction of consumption rates;
  • Design of specialized equipment (holding tooling, fixtures, specialized containers, production furniture).


In development


  • Selection and development of conveyor systems for feeding parts for Assembly operations;
  • Development of schemes of production workshops, equipment and tooling, calculation of space ;
  • Optimization of existing production processes;
  • Selection and delivery of tools and equipment;
  • Development of the technological process of product Assembly, writing working instructions;
  • Development and production of Assembly and control equipment;
  • Development and production of specialized containers for components; *Selection and calculation of optimal standards for production materials;
  • Calculation of the need for production personnel, development of staff placement schemes;
  • Conducting trainings for personnel on transferring skills to perform production operations;
  • Selection of specialized personal protective equipment.

Production logistics

ATAS GROUP RUS LLC offers services for:

  • Organization of logistics processes;
  • Monitoring of processes in progress;
  • Implementation and use of lean production systems:
    A) KANBAN (development of Standarts for KANBAN system, development of Standarts for KANBAN cards, development of KANBAN card forms);
    B) Fi-Fo (first come – first go);
    C) Just in Time;
    D) Just in Sequence.
  • Calculation of demand and selection of standard containers (KLT, Logic Store, EU Container, etc);
  • Calculation of demand, development and production of specialized containers; *Calculation of the need and selection (with the possibility to develop and produce) of storage rack systems (shelf, gravity));
  • Calculation of needs and selection of logistics equipment (tools, barcoding devices, transport carts, equipment for cargo processing);
  • Calculation of needs and selection of logistics transport (loaders, tractors, stackers, order pickers, reachstackers, etc.);
  • Development of logistics flow diagrams;
  • Development of warehouse planning solutions;
  • Calculating the need for labor resources;
  • Selection of PPE (personal protective equipment);
  • Conducting staff training.

Quality control

In development